3 Kingdoms

We were driving down KNK road looking for a new place to eat and after circling the are twice zeroed in on 3 kingdoms. After entering the new building and getting to the floor with this restaurant, we thought we had hit jackpot. The interiors looked well done, the staff were very polite and it looked like a great setting for a quite dinner, but the fact that we were the only ones there was not a great feeling, but since the place is relatively new, I thought we could pass on that. It promised cuisines from Thailand, China and Malaysia.

We got ourselves a malay chicken noodle soup that turned out to be great. Very filling, lots of noodles and chicken and vegetables and it was a really nice soup. It had a tinge of authenticity and had the flavors that I had tasted in Malaysia, but not too many people like that prawn taste in everything. We then got ourselves a pandan wrapped chicken (the Thai ones) and a chicken sumai (a dimsum like dish). Both left us completely disappointed. The pandan leaf chicken was very average and the flavors were very mild. I am not even sure if they have had the real thing in Thailand, it was so different. The sumai was equally average. We were kind of disappointed and the meal left us feeling a little uncomfortably full with flavors we did not like, it was a funny feeling. We left without ordering main course or dessert, we landed in Tuscana nearby to get a tiramisu to undo the funny feeling and it worked.

The bill for the three dishes was Rs. 745. If I was in that area, I would rather eat at so many other places with a similar cuisine especially since there is no price advantage here either. Service was by very good though, water was promptly refilled, we were explained what the dishes were and there always was a smile, but that day, I could not help but wonder if there is even a chef on duty. Not sure if it was a bad day for them or for me.

Food 6/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 9/10
Price 7/10

You will find 3 kingdoms on KNK road, in the same building as Yoko sizzlers, or maybe I should not have told you where it is.

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