Mash, Nungambakkam

After being at their launch quite sometime back, I was going here for the first time after what has been so long. I was meeting a friend after an even longer period and we decided to try it out. While I was waiting for the 'UK return' to wade his way through traffic, I got my self a grilled chicken burger. The burger and the friend came at the same time and after exchanging pleasantries with him and staring longingly at the burger, I dug into it. A retry nice, juicy, grilled chicken burger it was, served with fries.

The friend ordered a grilled chicken sizzler and we got a beef bruschetta, but it is called by a different name here. The beef was full bodied, flavorful with the right amount of cheese on top, but the steak was a it disappointment for me. The friend thought it was not bad though, but I have certainly had better sizzlers.

The ambiance is a bit cramped, but elegant nevertheless. Service was pretty good, but since the place is split into rooms, getting someone's attention is quite something, but someone comes in once a while to see if everything's ok. Prices are typical of a place in nungambakkam and a meal for two should cost somewhere around Rs. 1200 or so.

It was nice to meet one of the owners, Mr. Thomas, who enquired if everything was ok and he explained that there's no cuisine attached to the restaurant and they have tried to serve everything that they enjoy eating, so that explains the menu.

Food 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Price 8/10

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