Azzure Bay

CFG was at it again and this time we met at Azzure Bay on a Wednesday. I walked in late (honestly, due to traffic) and could not help but notice the very nice roof top setting. At first sight it was wonderful and if you there earlier, you might be able to get a view of the Adyar river. Not sure if its pretty or ugly though.

Old memories were dug out with the 'pepsi', the flavored drink in a sachet at a time when multi nationals were kept out of the country. It was enjoyable. There were a few varieties of iced tea, but I did not like them. If possible, I would get the ice tea from Crimson Chakra next door, but I stuck to the regular iced tea and it was nice.

There was so much food and I kept away from the vegetarian dishes, leaving it to the specialists. A crispy fried beef came along and it was yummmmmm. Totally enjoyed it. The next dish, which is actually a main course was served as a starter, the grilled prawns. It was super too. The prawns were served shell on and the head on etc and the flavor was perfect. The pepper fish was another nice dish but lots of people found the pepper overwhelming, but I liked it. And then there was a three cheese something stuck on a stick and I liked that too.

By the time we finished starters, we looked around and the restaurant was packed. To have a packed restaurant on a weekday is quite something and the starters were testimony to that. And then the main course came along. The harried cook who confessed that she was a red meat person asked for lamb shanks and it was perfectly flavored and very tender. My red wine based grilled chicken with prawns was a little overpowering with wine for me and I did not taste it after the first bite. But my cousin ate it wholeheartedly and enjoyed it. But the steaks were all a disappointment. We landed up ordering four steaks, all well done and each of them had a different level of doneness to it. One was decent, one was hard, one was leathery and in general, they don't make the best steak in town. The veg pasta was very decent and the pizza was good, but not outstanding.

I wish we had ordered more variety for our main courses and had tried out their Chinese and Thai stuff too, but next time I am going to try that out.

Desserts were good. There was a cheese cake that was lovely, the mud pie with coffee flavored was very very nice and there was a dessert called the simple aphrodisiac which was good too. There was a chocolate mousse like thing that tasted like frozen chocolate sauce. I think a bite would be nice. It more than that will be a little too much chocolate.

They also have set unlimited chettinad lunches for Rs. 225 which is real value for money. Prices are in general competitive and a meal for two should be around Rs 1200.

Food 9/10 starters. 7/10 main course
Price 8/10
Ambiance 8/10

Azzure Bay is located in the same premesis as Crimson Chakra.

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