4 Seasons

I have been getting complaints that I do not visit the AnnaNagar part of Chennai and there are no restaurants from that part of town on my blog. So I took a conscious decision to look out for opportunities to eat there and when a friend who works at Anna Nagar told us that we have to try 4 Seasons, I jumped.

So we landed there to a nice and elegant seating on the second floor of the building,and with the recent one ways and diversions, I don't know exactly where it is. But I was driven there and we got ourselves a fruit punch and it was served in a crooked glass, so the picture you see is not some fancy wide angle lens, but indeed a crooked glass. For starters we got half a portion of their platter for Rs. 750, its not on the menu, but you have to ask for it. It was brilliant, the mutton sheekh kebab was juicy, the chicken kebabs were succulent, while I also liked the fish and prawns that were part of the platter. Five starters, three pieces each was well worth the price.

The carnivore who turns vegetarian every Saturday, had to settle for crispy fried vegetables and a veg biriyani and was praising it. We laughed at him for trying to accept veg food when we were all gorging on wonderful starters, but after tasting it, he was right, the vegetarian dishes were both wonderful. We got ourselves the mutton biriyani, which we shared and it was the tri colored one and now that I am trying to develop a taste for it, it was really nice. While I still don't take it as biriyani, it was very tasty. Then we ordered an Arabian dish, the name of which I forgot, but it's got a picture on the menu with orange rice and mutton pieces on the side. My friends tasted the rice and were not very happy, but when I mixed the lamb that came separately with the rice and ate it, the whole taste changed. I really liked it, so apparently that is how it is supposed to be had, try it and let me know if you liked it.

Desserts were very average, the carrot halwa was just bordering on bad and the kheer was bordering on good, so, I would rather head elsewhere for dessert. Service was very average. It took time for them to take orders, after we finished the meal, we were sitting around for a while, but even though the were at least four tables free, we were politely kicked out. That is certainly ot good, but I must admit that the food was good. To go or not to go here, will boil down to your personal choice.

Food 8.5/10
Ambiance 7/10
Service 5/10
Price 7/10

It's located on 2nd Ave, Anna Nagar above Bharath Scans, but how you get there depends on the traffic police mood.

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