Yoko Sizzlers

For the first time, I was having trouble juggling my life as both a wellness doctor and a foodie. Work took a lot last week and sincere apologies for the week long delay in getting you experiences from eating out. God willing, I hope this does not happen anytime soon again.

Today Yoko sizzlers it is. It's a big name in Bombay with a dedicated fan following and having them in Chennai where a good steak is still not so common was supposed to be nice. So my friend and me decided to test the waters and got there, two Saturdays back.

The setting is a nice red interior, not so spacious between tables, but real estate in nungambakkam does not allow that luxury right now,so can't blame the establishment. We were very hungry and asked for some garlic bread while my steak keeps getting done, I got a simple steak with pepper sauce, well done, while my friend asked for fish satellite. Mine was a perfectly well done steak, very nice flavors and sufficient portion to fill me for a while, but I have had better portions elsewhere. The fish satellite was nice too, the cream on top was very different for a sizzler, but good nevertheless. We finished off with kulfi ice cream, which was very kulfi and nothing to write home about.

I have had my friends telling me that they didn't think this place was good. Invariably, they have all had chicken and lamb and the other things that the menu has, I have no idea why they are on the menu in the first place, guess, you have to have a multi cuisine angle to survive in Chennai, but my steak was perfect. Rarely do I get a good well done steak, the meat was tender and juicy and nice. I would like to hear from medium steak guys if they do that well too, but for steak, this is not a bad place to have in Chennai. Not the best in the country, but good enough when I have an occasional crave for good steak.

Service was good, when I forgot to mention my doneness, he came back to confirm how I would like my steak. Prices are on par with other restaurants in chennai and both our steaks were priced around Rs. 400. I would want to go back and try their hamburger and see if we have a place for that here.

Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Price 8/10
Ambiance 7/10

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