I got a mail from the promoters of Equinox and was asked if I have visited their restaurant. I said that I have been meaning to and just did to get a chance to do so and at that, they invited me to try out the food. After setting a mutually convenient date, I set out with my friend to see what they have to offer. And since I keep getting requests to post about vegetarian dishes, my friend who came along was a pure vegetarian, so, that part of the review comes from the perspective of a pure vegetarian.

One of the owners, Shirley, was there to receive us and made us comfortable in a dimly lit, elegantly set restaurant. After asking us our preferences, we were offered a hot and sour soup while we waited for the starters to come in. A nice comfort soup it was, very similar to what you get in most places. And then came a shrimp that I fell in love with, something that I have not had anywhere else and it was called the cereal shrimp. Apparently it was made with cereals, but I could not care less. The chilly beef that came next was nice, I am used to crispy chilly beef, but this one was soft and nice and it was tasty too. My friend was served the cauliflower fry, it was slightly sweet dish and we both really liked it, and then came a dish that both us had never heard of, a minced spinach fry. I did not like it at all, but when my friend insisted that there was a nice after taste to it and went gaga over it and that I must try, I gave it a second shot. Yes, there was a saunf aftertaste to it, and I would have liked it as an appetizer in really small quantities, but I would not order it. Vegetarians, take note, you might really like it. After having the starters, and having eaten all the non veg with no one to share it with (evil smile), we did not have much space for main course, so we stuck to vegetarian yang chow fried rice, which was pretty much the same fried rice you get in most Chinese restaurants in town, with gravy on top. We were offered a waffle for dessert, which did not taste like a waffle at all, more like a pancake in the shape of a waffle, but then, I love pancakes and I ate the whole thing as it tasted really nice, the friend did not eat it because it had egg in it. :-)

Their combos are really worth taking note of, they have a green (veg), red (chicken) and blue (seafood) one, priced between 199 and 249 and it is available for both lunch and dinner, Monday thru Thursday. As we spent time talking to Shirley, we were told that her father used to run, Chingling, a Chinese restaurant near New College, a decade back and that it was their dream to reopen a Chinese restaurant and so they brought back the same chef from that restaurant, after he has been traveling around the world to perfect his culinary skills.

So, if you are in the mood for Chinese, you have a new restaurant to try out and by the looks of it, it could give competition a run for their money if they are able to maintain their standards. And it is pretty easy on the pocket too with a most dishes being priced at around Rs. 200-250

Food 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 8/10

You can find on Nungambakkam high road, in the complex that borders the main road and KNK road, the same building that has the Airtel showroom. the restaurant is on the first floor.

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