Cup cakes in Chennai

Cupcakes are the in thing now, and we have reports that there are cup cake ATMs in the US. I don't know if its a new phenomenon the world over, but in Chennai, cup cakes were the small ones with almost no cream on top and sold in the neighborhood bakery, but all that is changing and real fast at that. The fact that I had a craving for cup cakes has become common knowledge now, thanks to Facebook and Chennai Food Guide. But last week I had a years worth of cup cakes and I am very glad that Chennai is not far behind on the cup cake scene.

A friend, a wonderful baker, who incidentally is having her introduction to baking classes in association with CFG, came to my rescue baking me three different favors- vanilla, red velvet and lemony. We were meeting for a food review and all of us there thoroughly enjoyed the cakes that she baked. If red velvet is your thing, then she is the one to go to.

For those of you who are not friends with The Harried Cook, the friend in question, do not fret. There is a cafe attached to a boutique on Harrington Road, called the Cafe @ Adoniya, whose cupcakes can keep you drooling all day long. Due to their popularity, they are sold out more often than not and after three failed attempts, the owner was kind enough to deliver the cakes to my office. I got two each of Lindt, Mint, Black forest,Tiramisu and Red Velvet. The first two, were mind blowing and I could live on the Lindt cup cake. I was introduced to this cafe by a mutual friend and so I went after being recommended and that usually comes with expectations and I must say that these cupcake exceeded my expectations. The black forest and the tiramisu were not exactly the same as the originals taste, but then you cannot expect mascarpone cheese on your cupcake. They give you the original flavors enough, and they taste great. They also make cup cake boutiques that are beautiful to look at and the next time I need a cake, I am just going to get one boutique from here and you can theme it as well.

And finally came Scrumpilicious, another young baker just starting off, and I got them delivered as well. They have two sizes, a tiny one and a regular one. There was cup cake called True Blue that was true to its name and was just awesome and I enjoyed their coffee cupcake, while something called Chocolate Chocolate, because it has both the cake and the cream made of chocolate and chocolate lovers should enjoy this.

If I was to pick one cupcake to eat before my last breath, it would be the Lindt Cupcake from Cafe Adoniya, but make sure you call and find out if they have fresh cakes before you go.

The Harried Cook - 9884008905

Cafe Adoniya- Maaria Kulsum -9840285950

Scrumpilicious - Deepa Jacob - 9176601834

All the ones above are priced between Rs. 45 and 60 per piece. Yes, the humble cupcake is going places.

And by the way, guys, if you think you can play with the phone numbers, all of them are married, have kids and pretty bulky hubbies. So, no, none available to make free cakes for you life long.

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