China Town

It's been ages since I visited China Town and when a friend insisted on Chinese, we decided to go there. Decor is simple and elegant but nothing to write home about. We were seated and we started off with glass noodle soup for two of us and a hot and sour veg soup for the vegetarians. Both were very predictable and comforting, I infact thought the glass noodle soup was quite filling.

We then ordered a whole lot of starters. Basket chicken, pepper chicken, chicken pan fried dimsums, a crispy fried corn and a veg wonton. The basket chicken was a big let down and we are used to much better basket and a rather well flavored chicken, but this one I would avoid. The pepper chicken was the best of the lot, it was a perfectly spiced dish and we all (the carnivores), enjoyed it. The pan fried dimsums were a little different, they were dimsums that were then shwllow fried again and tasted very nice too. The corn was very nice and we are now getting this dish in a lot of restaurants and though it was not special, it was a very nice dish and so were the veg wontons.

After having so many starters for the five of us, we went straight for dessert. Two of them left so we ordered just one date pancake with ice cream, a safe dessert to order in any Chinese restaurant in Chennai. Simple and nice finish to the meal.

Service was alright, nothing to write home about, ambiance was decent, but the access to the restaurant is a bit dingy. The price for the above was Rs. 1950 so pricing is pretty decent too, about Rs. 400 per head, on par with most other restaurants in Chennai.

Food 8/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 7/10
Price 7/10

China Town is located on the same building as Zara's, on Cathedreal road, opp Chola Sheraton.

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