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So here we were again, six bloggers from Chennai Food Guide, all set to test the waters at Dewberry, a nice cafe restaurant all put together in a small lane tucked away on R K Salai. I was late and everyone was there already and I sheepishly walked in to join them. This was probably my fifth time there and I miscalculated the time it takes go get there.The owner was there to make us feel at home in their small interior seating area. But given a chance, l would rather eat outside at their wonderful ambiance, of course if the chennai weather and the mosquito menace gives permission.

We all had various mocktails to start off, but I will stop by mentioning only one of them, the lemon chilly mocktail called the chilly twist, served with a small chilli on top. Pretty much makes every other drink go into depression. With the perfect blend of lemon and chilli, this is a must try if you hit this place, especially for the Chennai summer. Everyone agreed too and in fact a few of them changed their drink to this one. For starters we had chippy fungi, something I would not order otherwise, a fantastic prawn called Gamberoni made to perfection, a unique bruschetta served with nuts and honey and I loved it. Two others liked it too, while the other three looked down upon it, like the savory bruschetta was being murdered to make way for a sweet one. The chicken torterellini, a very unique dish that I used to like here was served, but something was missing. It is usually very nice, but that day it was not.

The main courses kept arriving, I will leave the vegetarian bloggers to talk about the vegetarian dishes and I will stick to what I do best- eat and write about the meat. The first one, the chicken espagnole sizzler, a decent sizzler to order was pretty nice. The meat was very nice and as a package, it can pass off as a good main course. The minced meat bolognese pasta was very average for me and I have had better, while the grilled fish was fantastic. There was an interesting dish called the farm fresh fruitlette, which was like a paneer quesadilla, but served with fruits. I did not get the concept, but, it was vegetarian and I left it alone.

Dessert was served a little late, and I did not fancy the crepe like things that were served, they were too rubbery, but the strawberry melon rush was superb and it tasted as good as it looks on the photo. The fried chocolate was a chewy nutella in a flour fried to perfection, and worth trying out.

Dewberry is reasonably priced especially for a restaurant located on RK Salai and has some very nice dishes on the menu. The outside seating area can compete with the best in chennai and the service is usually quick. We all had mixed views about the food when we left but for me, When I am around the area, I land up there because of the ambiance and the price and that is why I have been there so many times and I will continue to go. It might not be the best food in Chennai, but it is a very nice package.

Food 7/10
Ambiance 9/10 (outside)
Price 8/10

Dewberry is on the lane beside the Van huesen showroom on RK Salai.

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