Omelette Shop, Egmore

Almost everyone in Chennai knows this place and if not, everyone should. Where else will you get sandwiches for this price and this taste? Located right outside Alsa Mall, Egmore, this guy probably makes more money than the whole of Alsa mall put together.
Just wonderful bread omelettes, vegetable sandwiches and chicken sandwiches. All priced under Rs. 20 and he even has a menu. Everything can be customized as to how much chutney you want, how spicy you want it and how much you want it grilled. The cucumber 'time pass' till you get your sandwich is a really a time pass, but you get it only if you are in a car with a couple of people. My favorites are the chilly cheese toast and bread omelettes while the friend loves the simple veg sandwich, not grilled but with the soft bread, bliss. And you can have a full meal for under Rs. 50 a person with a small 7 up to wash it down.
So this weekend, try the roadside sandwich instead of the fancy restaurants if possible. And don't be surprised to find mercs and BMWs parking on the other side and the driver packing a few sandwiches, it's been happening for decades. Is it healthy and safe? Definitely better than vadas and bajjis fried in super reused oils.
Food 9/10
Price 9/10
Just outside Alsa mall. You can't miss it.
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