Dynasty, Harrisons's

One of my friend, a gentleman, one of the few or rather the only one who gave a birthday treat on the same day, promptly, took us to Dynasty for dinner. And by the time he came fashionably late, the three of us who were already there, helped ourselves to some nice starters- a dragon chicken, some onion rings and some spring rolls. Ok, yeah, the restaurant was nice, elegant, blah blah........

And then two more people arrived and our host was yet to come. So we promptly ordered some Chinese chop seuy, a mixed fried rice and some chilly chicken to go with it, while my vegetarian friend ordered something for herself and ate it all by herself too. We also got ourselves some soup and some more of the starters. The dragon chicken was a little different here, but tasty nevertheless. Honestly, if you are in a big group, it makes more sense to get a lot of starters and taste all of them rather than ordering a mountain of fried rice or noodles and finding it tough to finish or finishing it with ease and finding a treadmill to burn it all off.

For dessert we had litchis with ice cream, a date pancake which is my favorite in most Chinese places and it's decent here too, and some Darsan with date syrup, which was pretty nice too.
Dynasty used to a great place for Chinese, lost its favor among the food enthusiasts for sometime and after the renovation, can now contend to be a nice comfort Chinese eat out in chennai. The service is alright, the ambiance is nice and warm with low lighting (which along with hungry wolves with no patience made photography a pain) and the food as I have mentioned is good comfort Indo Chinese.

Oh yeah, the host came in and was being nice and telling us to order more and more and when the bill came, he realized that he did not have to tell us and that we had a full meal before he came too. So, since he was there to pay the bill, it all ended well. So if anyone is giving a treat this weekend, you won't burn too big a hole here.

Food 8/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 8/10
Host 10/10

Dynasty is in Harrison's hotel in Chetput. I would rather avoid the stand alone on GN Chetty road as it is not great.

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