Dine, Escape at Express Avenue

Express avenue is a nice place to shop, but I find myself very disappointed with the food scene. Very often I am have to stand in multiple queues one for the not so smart card, and in different places and by the time we gather all our food, tiredness takes over the enjoyment of the meal. After dining once at Dine, the food court is now almost out of my radar.

From the classy ambiance to the friendly service, Dine, for me is a real restaurant, not withstanding the fact that it is inside a cinema. The last time we went, i got myself a chicken burger, while others got themselves a grilled fish in lemon butter sauce, a chettinad chicken gravy meal that is served with a choice of rice and mandarin chicken meal with noodles. I love the burger here, while it is not the best and it is not beef, it is a very good chicken burger and the fries that come with it are nice, not so oily and crisp. The chicken gravy meals are nice at at around Rs. 225, they are a bang for the buck in a nice setting. The grilled fish in lemon butter sauce was beautiful, nice fish, nicely cooked and served with herbed rice. We were late for our movie and skipped dessert, but the choices are not too much, like the blur cafe in Satyam where they have some great dessert.

Prices are nice, the burger is Rs. 130, the chicken meals are around Rs. 225 and the fish was similarly priced too. Service is quick and attentive too. I would rather go here or go to the barista on the ground floor rather than the food court, unless I really want something specific from there.

Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 8/10

Dine is inside Escape, Express Avenue.

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