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Cafe Matteo, Bangalore

While I admitted that bangalore has better places to eat, everyone agreed, but now it's true to coffee shops as well. Bangalore even has better coffee shops than Chennai, sadly. While I was walking down Brigade road, I saw this cool looking coffee shop just off the road, on Church Street and I pulled the friends to get in there.

I asked for a white chocolate mocha, while a friend a black chocolate mocha and another had iced tea. We got ourselves some French fries and a cinnamon Danish for company. The mochas were brilliant and the food was very comforting, but the ambiance was brilliant. With a nice road side seating area for the those who need thermal energy and a cool comfortable sofas inside, it reminds me of a French cafe in Paris. Since I was only carrying my Nokia camera, photos cannot do justice, so, not photos of the place.

And the wait for such cafes in Chennai continues.......

Food 8/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10
Price 8/10

It's on Church street, just off Brigade road, next to Nandos.

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  1. Absolutely.. Loved this cafe from the minute i walked in and keep going back everytime am in Blore...

    This time i tried a Spanish omlette and Mocha-omlette was yumm[though not as good as the one we get in Koshy's] n Mocha was slightly bitter, but it was hot and good..

  2. Cool, will try that next time. We had finished lunch just an hour back and had to while away sometime, so didnt order much to eat.