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At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Being a foodie, I had to visit this restaurant when in Dubai. It is the world's highest restaurant in the worlds tallest building and all that hype surrounding it. After struggling to get through security because we did not have print out of our reservation, we finally got through to the Armani Hotel and my god, it was beautiful. Once inside you are treated like a king and the place does feel like a modern palace.

We were lead to the elevator that goes super fast from 1 to 123, with some ear popping and then you have to walk down one floor to the restaurant. After exchanging pleasantries, we are given a window seat and the view, needless to say, is yet to be matched anywhere else, and unless they build a taller tower with such a wonderful base and the city has other high rises, I am not sure there will ever be such a view from any restaurant.

We got ourselves a drink each, a vanilla iced tea and a raspberry mocktail, and a snack each, an atmosphere fried chicken and a portion of falafels. The vanilla iced tea knocked me, literally. It was a superb iced tea and I have not had this flavor anywhere so I thoroughly enjoyed it, while the raspberry stuff was decent. The atmosphere fried chicken was scrumptious, juicy, soft and fried to perfection, while the falafels were super tasty too. You can also go there for a afternoon tea package which will give you more food, but we wanted to just see the place and taste a few dishes.

Ambiance is superb, but the window seats can get a little hot during lunch hours, while the service is first class. Had a wonderful late afternoon snack and a wonderful day after that. Definitely a must visit for any foodie who wants to be a part of something as grandeous as this. Prices are on par with the Dubai oil rates, pun intended.

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10
Price 8/10

You will find this, but try to get dropped off at the Burj VIP entry rather than going through the Dubai Mall and do have a print out of the reservation.

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  1. The Armani hotel is chic alright, but found at.mosphere lacking in zeal and fervour.Like most things in Dubai it's very grand but lacking in soul.

    Did not help that the Russian receptionist kept harping about the 400AED minimum spend more than once.

    Also, you cannot visit the observation deck even after dining at at.mosphere,You will have to go back down to the reception to buy tickets for that again.

    At 400AED for the high tea package it might just leave you dissapointed (Have your in flight meal on board your emirates flight just before landing in Dubai for a higher perch and better view:-) .The Ritz or even the Burj Al Arab (450AED) are much nicer and offer just that extra something that makes it feel more than 5 star.

  2. Yup, but since I knew ahead that the observation deck cannot be seen, I was not disappointed, but I wonder why you were reminded of the minimum spend. I spent a total of 320 aed for the two of us and no one said anything, intact, I was very pleased with the service. I would agree that the other places had a five start value, but for me I just wanted to be a part of the world's highest restaurant funda.