Taj Clubhouse

How often has a banquet food impressed you? At least for me, banquet is more of a get together, with very small emphasis on food, even in five star hotels. Banquets at birthday parties, medical conferences, get together etc, none of which have been worth writing about. But yesterday, the banquet at the Taj Clubhouse blew most of the guests. And then people realized that banquet food can and indeed should be good.

The chilly garlic grilled fish was awesome. It was a Chinese Mediterranean fusion I think, but cannot be sure. It was too good for any of us to wonder why it was good and how it was made. The biriyani was certainly not the best in the world, but it was better than most banquets. There was a paneer makha something was a superb vegetarian dish. The dhal makhani was super too. The chocolate mud pie on the picture was superb to finish off the night and just when we thought we had enough, there came a moong dhal halwa from heaven.

Like one person mentioned, it pays to have a different not the same north indian menu for a banquet. It's the first time I was inspired enough to write about a banquet and I hope I get more chances to keep writing about banquets. More food opportunities, the better.