The Madras Kafe

After reading about this place in CFG, the two of us went here to grab a quick bite before getting to the Anoushka Shankar concert. We noticed a lady at the counter helping with the service and some people there calling her 'aunty'. Looks like they visit here pretty often from the company that is located opp this coffee shop.

The menu is very interesting. Vadawich, parotizza and the likes are what greet you on the first page. Unfortunately, these are not new inventions, but just name gimmicks. We ordered a vadawich and chilly cheese sandwich. I was expecting the vadawich to be a vada sliced into two and filled with potato, but it was just a burger bun with a whole stuffed with potatoes. The stuffing tasted like the ones we make at home. I am guessing that the parotizza is pizza toppings on top a parotta, but I would like to try it the next time. If you remember the McDonald ad about their spicy chicken burger, they claim that it is ah ooh, ouch kind of hot. Well, McDonald should taste the chilly cheese sandwich here and find out what exactly is hot by Indian standards. Those of you native to above a hundred kilometers north of chennai, will enjoy this. It was super super hot and we were both huffing and puffing and overloading ourselves with water. The lime mint cooler was a soothing drink, while the ice tea was pretty average.

Prices are friendly. The above two dishes and the two drinks cost us Rs. 160. Service is friendly and the atmosphere is home like. While it is not the best coffee shop in town, if you are at Ishpahani, it is worth a visit.

Food 7/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 6/10
Price 8/10

Madras Kafe is on the basement level at Ishpahani, Nungambakkam.

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