Junsui Lounge, Burj al Arab, Dubai

When I travel I try and do as much research as possible to find the best places to eat. So when some of my friends and readers were asking me to post those too in chennai foodie, I thought why not and so here were are beginning the year with my eat out at the iconic and the one and only Burj al Arab, Dubai. I am pretty sure everyone has heard about this self proclaimed seven star hotel, but one look inside and you start to wonder if seven stars were enough. Everyone talks about the high tea at here at the lobby restaurant calle Sahn Eddar, but a little bit of probing will tell you that the Junsui, an Asian restaurant is probably their best. The burj itself calls Junsui, its "best kept secret" and so I got myself a reservation here. Remember, you have to have a reservation to enter the property.

The best time to visit will be at around 5 pm. You will be able to we the beautiful palm islands from the 27 th floor of the hotel for which you have a free access, and the view from the Junsui lounge is pretty breathtaking. We got ourselves the lounge package which gives you two snacks and a drink each. The wife ordered a raspberry mocktail and I got myself a berry blast milkshake. We ordered a lamb grill, a beef and potato croquette, a tuna sushi and tempura fried prawns. Except the berry blast milkshake, everything else was brilliant. The prawns were tiger, super size, thinly coated with tempura and tasted perfect. The wife who does not eat prawns went gaga over it. Neither of us are sushi lovers, but we went with it on the recommendation of the waiter and it turned out to be just awesome. The sauces, the wasabi and the sushi together were a super combination. The best dishes were however the beef croquettes and the lamb. Both were brilliant, perfectly cooked and super tender meat. The raspberry mocktail was perfect to wash down the food, but the berry blast milkshake was more banana than any berry and was a let down.

Service was needless to say amazing. Extremely attentive and the slightest look up at someone and you were attended to. The ambiance was super classy, after all it was adorned with Swarovski crystals and apparently the restaurant alone costed them a million dollars, so........

Its the shopping festival now, so if you hit Dubai and you want to visit the Burj al Arab and do not want to spend 350 dirhams per person for the high tea, Junsui lounge is your best bet. As always in a seven star hotel, you are paying for not just the food. The above cost us 370 dirhams for both of us together.

Food 9/10
Service 9.5/10
Ambiance 9.5/10
Price 8/10 -