Flame Grill

This is one of the restaurant that came up during the sudden surge of Arabian and Mid Eastern cuisine and did quite well initially and then slowed down. Tis is also a very inconsistent restaurant, with some days being very nice and others being forgettable. But for a lunch when friends come over, this always was a nice place for us. Being close to work, a variety of grilled chicken and other non vegetarian on the menu (and half of which will not be available for lunch), we forgot about this place during the times of our friend's 'diet' days. With a month of vegetarianism for another friend, this completely slipped out of our minds.

Yesterday, we decided to go there when people came over to visit our new wellness center and boy, did we have a gala time. We started off with the main course and yes, the waiter stared at us for a few moments, but he realized that we have been there quite a few times. So we had their man chatti biriyani, which is our favorite there. It is a nice comfort biriyani stuffed inside a clay pot (they say it is cooked in it, but I have no idea if that is true). Certainly not the best biriyani in town, but for me, it can pass of as biriyani, compared to the various tomato rice versions available. We always get one grilled chicken to go with the order and this time it was the Moroccan grilled chicken. Ok, the real stuff is not like this, but, this chicken is tasty. The koboos served with it is usually pathetic, but at times, it is soft and nice. The boneless mutton grill was super yesterday. With a little bit of the masala still on the surface, it was yummy. And for dessert, we stick to our favorite, the Amazon forest, which is six scoops of ice cream which can (and usually must) be shared. The lamb leg priced at Rs. 900 is not the greatest dish, and if you have never tried it, it might be ok, but after the first time, you get the feeling that your money could get you better dishes in the same restaurant. Other dishes re reasonably priced and the grilled chickens are priced around Rs. 180 to 250.

Service is pretty ordinary and the ambiance joins the service. If you get there on their good days, it is pretty nice and for me, it is comfort eating out food, if there is a category like that.

Flame grill is located just off G N Chetty road, take the road next to murugan idly shop and take the first right, the restaurant is on your left.

Food 8/10
Ambiance 6/10
Service 7/10
Price 7/10

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