Bread and puffz

I am not sure about the spelling of this place, but when I read in Chennai food guide that this place serves some kaya, I had to visit it. If you are wondering what I am talking about, then, kaya is a jam, made of pandan leaves, egg, flour among other things and I love it. The first time I had this in Malaysia, I was hooked for life and anytime I hear of it being available here, I try and get my hands and mouth to it. So when we were driving down nungambakkam, I spotted it just opposite Sangeetha veg restaurant and after awkwardly parking my car, we got in to see what they offer.

It is a kaya lovers paradise. They have kaya Swiss roll, kaya puffs, kaya stuffed bun and other stuff like egg pie, muffins, chicken rolls. Apparently most of it was sold out and we picked up one each of every kaya stuff that was available. The kaya bun was super tasty and I simply loved it. The kaya puffs was equally good, while the egg pie was nothing but egg puffs, decent stuff. The kaya Swiss roll was a disappointment as it was dry and did not have enough kaya on it. The buns and rolls were all priced between Rs. 25 and Rs 40.

It's a Malaysian bakery which sells decent stuff and me being a kaya fan, I enjoyed the place. I will be going back whenever I feel like eating kaya. Also, if you don't Iike kaya the first time you eat it, please give it a second chance before giving up on it. Slurppp..........

Food 8/10

Price 9/10