Street food walk, Mylapore

Chennai food guide is organizing a street food walk this December and I was there on day two to sample the authentic tam bram cuisine at its best. Just off the Kapaleeshwar temple in Mylapore, the eateries astounded me.

First stop was at Mami mess, a mess started by a lady and the sons have now made it bigger, but the style and authenticity has not been compromised and neither have the prices gone up too much. We had their traditional Sundal and I loved it. Fellow foodie Raghu gave me his expertise and asked me to stuff the Sundal inside a dosa that we ordered and the combination needs to be patented. We had their kesari, the ghee roast, the vada and the bondas all being done just as it was decades back apparently. And live kitchen, Madras style.

The next stop was at Jannal Kadai, a small eatery operating out of a window, just next to the temple. His chilly kadalai chutney was outstanding. We had kal dosai there, but the bajji that we had was to up to the mark.

Then we went to the legendary Kalathi food stall on East mada road to taste the rose milk they have been serving for 85 years. This stall has been covered in the hindu which he proudly displays if you take a camera with you. The rose milk was brilliant and fellow foodies will agree that it is the best in Chennai. The other side of the stall serves chapati and parota and to me both were not to die for, but decent. But rose milk, I had two and some had three.

The foodies left and my foodie friend from bangalore took me to his favorite stall, a pakoda stall. Fresh pakoda was super tasty and we finished the pakodas that he lovingly bought for his dad.

It was an evening to remember. I am now awaiting the Parrys corner eat out round.