Paprika Brunch,Marriott

I keep wondering why restaurants keep calling their Sunday lunches as "brunch". I guess it makes the whole thing sound cool. But in the race to get people's attention, almost every fancy place now has a Sunday brunch. While I have been to quite a few of them, for me, Paprika at The Marriott just stands out. And now Paprika has added a totally new dimension to their brunches- street foods. While most places stuff you with continental cuisines, Paprika has turned the focus back to the Indian street food.

While I have written about their Sunday brunch earlier and their astounding 11 live counters, the street food addition has just about added to their theory of constantly upgrading their menu. Courtesy my frequent visits, Chef Amit gave me a Chef Table and guided us through the street foods, which they have attempted to re create in a hygienic environment.

The kuzhi paniyaram with the chilly chutney was one of my favorites. It was nice, ghee filled tasty stuff. The dahi papdi chat was alright, the kancheepuram idly was a kicker. I have never had this idly before and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but the fried idly was super nice too. The idly with podi disappointed me and I told the chef that the podi should be served with ghee for those who prefer the traditional way and he seemed to accept it. The Bombay sandwich that came next was super for me. Again, I have never had it in Bombay to compare but it was nice. The pav bhaji and the vada pav were both just alright, the tangy street food taste was missing.

The rest of the buffet was just brilliant. Like I have mentioned before, their cheese selection is quite extensive and their cold cuts are among the best in Chennai. Get to their omelette counter and you re spoilt for choice. I asked the chef to get me an omelette with chicken and cheese and he loaded it with cheese and I felt guilty, but it tasted so good that the guilt melted away along withe the cheese. The pizza counter is nice and you can get your custom made pizza and I also enjoyed their keema dosa in yet another live counter.

The restaurant is happy to let you sit from 12 noon to 4 in the evening and that is exactly what I did. So yeah, four hours of eating,but hey this is the Sunday brunch and you are supposed to be discussing the entire week's eating out and plan for the next week if you like, so it is about just relaxing your Sunday off. Priced at 1250,it is not exactly cheap,but it certainly is the best Sunday brunch in Chennai city for me.

Food 9/10
Ambiance 9/10
Service 9/10
Ambiance 9/10