Christmas Specials

So what's happening in town for Christmas. I contacted my friends in the hotel industry and asked them to tell me if they something happening for Christmas and so here is an update.

My favorite fancy place to eat at is Marriott and they have a special Christmas brunch being a Sunday. The brunch is prices at about 1400 plus taxes and apparently Santa is paying a visit so it could be the place to take your kids as they have a lot of activity for children.

Residency Towers is also having some special works for the kids, can't vouch for it, but I know it is happening. Apparently the menu includes Cajun Grilled Chicken with Jalapenos & Cilantro, Seafood with Balsamic & Spinach, Broccoli with Almonds & Sour Cream, Grilled egg plant stacked with Tomato & Parmesean are some of the delights awaiting you this year. With an extensive Dessert Menu including Chef Special Chocolate Mud Cake, Yule Log, Caramelized Bana Flan, you are bound be asking for more. Also Kids get to meet Santa, get presents with a host of activities like Tattoos, Table Magicians, and Mehendi artists. Now that is quite something.

Donut house is adding a special range of Christmas flavors such as snow white, rum custard and Swiss raspberry and the likes. I love donut house and I hope their specials are as good as their regular flavors. Oreo is my favorite there, Christmas or not.

My all time favorite for Christmas is to hit Blue Diamond and eat there turkey roast. It has been a tradition, something that I love beyond words and everytime we friends go there, everyone loves the turkey roast. My friends will vouch for that and it has become a yearly affair for us. While at it, get the crab in shell, specifically ask for the 'shell' part as that is the one that is brilliant. We also eat their chicken cutlet, special parota and butter chicken and stuff our noses. Stay away from ordering Chinese, or sometimes even the biriyani is hit or miss, but turkey roast and the ones I have mentioned above, is just brilliant. In fact this year CHENNAI FOOD GUIDE is planning to hit the place on 30 th December to join me on my annual feast.

I am sure there is a lot more, I have gathered what I could from friends. The papers should give you more choice. Merry Christmas and see ya after a week