Corner House, Bangalore

I have shuttling between Bangalore and Chennai a little too much for my liking. But on the upside, I had the chance to sample some great food at Bangalore. So while a bangalore foodie is way too far off for now, I guess if you are one of those traveling to Bangalore, Corner House is a must visit.

I am not sure about other stuff, but Death by Chocolate is something that you must try. It has some chocolate cake, some brownie, chocolate sauce, more chocolate sauce and I think it also has Willi Wonka chocolate factory inside it topped with generous amounts of nuts. It is one hell of a dessert and is aptly named. So if you step by in Bangalore.........

Not very clear about the anatomy of bangalore, but I had it twice, one on MG road and once at Marathali. I was told that they have quite a few branches in Bangalore