It's been a week since I updated the blog due to me not eating out as often due to various silly reasons. Thalapakatti has been around for quite sometime now and somehow I have never been there. Last Saturday, two of my friends had a strong urge to eat there and having never been there and a new place to write about was enough reason for me to join them.

So rather than ordering Chinese and complaining about it, we stuck to their specialities. For starters, we asked for a pepper chicken fry, a karandi omelette, kolu urundai and fried fish for starters. Tiny cannot define the quantity. My friend even joked that the length of the plate was only as long as his index finger and asked me to shoot a picture as proof too. But the food was decent I must say. The karandi omelette was tiny, but quite nice. The kolu urundai (i think it was kollu urundai or some urundai, but there was only one urundai on the menu) plate had only three pieces and was decent again, while the chicken fry was, yes, decent.the fish though was very good and one more was ordered.

For the main course, We had some appams with chicken gravy, a bannu parota and mutton biriyani. The bannu parota priced at Rs. 80 was great value for money. It was quite filling and tasty and was totally worth it. The biriyani was not how I like my biriyani, but it tasted good, just not biriyani enough for me. The appams were ok, not the perfect ones you get at Nallas.

Service was ok,the ambiance was ok and the overall the meal was nice. The bill for the above was around Rs. 1300 so it was not overtly expensive, but yeah, the portions are small.

We did not eat desserts, but went to Baskin Robbins to get them, but that is a different story.

Food 7/10
Ambiance 7/10
Service 7/10
Price 8/10

We went to the one opp The Park in Nungambakkam.