Desserts at Hyatt Lobby

So, the dessert pang hit us again at 1230 am and we decided to hit Hyatt this time and see how the coffee shop there is. Having not had lunch and dinner we were looking forward to our dessert. After not being impressed by the dessert spread in Spice at Rs. 750 per head, we headed to the lobby coffee shop and settled down to some superb seating.

I was startled to see "sacher torte" on the menu. I asked the waiter if this is the original sacher torte and he said it was. I told him that the sacher torte is a trademark used by the sacher hotel and the torte is quite something. He said the chef makes a great sacher torte and it could be better than the original. So I decided to have that, while the wife asked for a cheese cake with blueberry sauce. What was served to me was not sacher torte, period, maybe if it was not called the sacher torte, I might have liked it slightly more, but I was not in the mood for a hard cake and really wanted something soft and it was not what it is supposed to be. I am trying to look up if anyone can use the sacher torte name these days and the original sacher torte at Salszburg and Vienna is quite a wonderful cake while this one was a hard chocolate cake. The cheese cake was decent, a little too soggy for my liking, but was ok. Both were priced at Rs. 275 each and I was told that both were made fresh so it is priced five star and not more.

And then we ordered the best drink on earth. It was odorless tasteless and just brilliant. It is not without reason that it is called WATER. Just that the packaged water was priced at Rs.250. I know that water is expensive in fancy places, but the bill just shocked us. That too I was not even offered a choice of regular or mineral water. But anyway, the dessert evening was not really a great one. I was told that the buffet at Spice at 999 is really nice and I would like to check that out.

The ambiance here is quite something and service is nice and friendly, but the lobby is probably not where you should be getting some quick desserts.

Dessert 6/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 9/10
Price (excluding water) 8/10

Hyatt is on Mount road.

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