The day finally arrived. I got a message from Ali, the ubiquitous chief of CFG, informing the invite from Vipin to check out Burgandy. With a few friends already having tried the place and giving me the feeling that I was missing something in life by not having been there yet, I was really looking forward to the lunch.

By the time I landed, everyone else was settled in with Vipin (for those who don't know what I am talking about, he is the owner of Burgandy and Tuscana and Kryptos and the Subways in Chennai), at the center and being his usual entertaining self. Looked like I was not the only one who was dying to get here.

The ambiance is beautiful to say the least, but I was dying to get to the food. Starters came and we had some great kebabs. The chicken kebab was juicy and tasty, the paneer was outstanding and the other starter for the day was also great. Starters are served on the table along with the pizzas, so you can warm up before walking to the buffet. Talking of pizzas, I love the ones at Tuscana and this group has really mastered the art of pizza making and burgundy is no different. After hearing and learning something from Vipin, we headed out to the buffet. The buffet here is unique in its layout, no staffing dishes, no cold food and waiting for hot ones to arrive. The layout is such that food is kept in small quantities and keeps arriving hot right from the counter behind, so if you want small changes, they are more than happy to make. Kudos to this.

For the first round, I had what looked like a Spanish omelette, a portion of stuffed chicken and a beef cutlet in red sauce. I gorged on the beef as it was super tasty, but after one bite, I could not take in the omelette anymore. Same story with the stuffed chicken. As much as I did not want to, I wasted my first plate entirely. Second round, I got myself some indian curries and dhal makhani and some nice naans were served on the table. This time was better than the first round, but not outstanding. Being still hungry, I got myself some cold dishes out of which the prawns were excellent, the cold sandwich was nice and the hummus and baba ganoush with the pita bread were decent stuff. I was washing down the food with an excellent mocktail, I cannot recall the name, but it was litchis with cranberry juice. There is a huge dessert spread and I tried a little bit of everything on the dessert and I thought that the mango soufflé was decent, but other wise they were a typical "we have it all dessert.

Obviously with Vipin around, there is no way to judge service, but this group sets very high standards for service. Vipin took us to the kitchen and I realized how he had the guts to take his customers there. Generally if you visit a restaurant kitchen, you might quit eating out all together, but this is one of the most hygienic and top end kitchens you might ever get to see.

The menu changes for every meal and being a huge buffet, you will certainly find a few dishes that you will really like. I enjoyed the starters and the pizzas and if you eat a pizza and a few starters, you have got your money's worth. A five star buffet being priced at Rs. 750 nett, is great value for money, especially if you start counting how many non veg is on the buffet, but though the food is good, for me the "wow" factor that get even today at Tuscana was missing. I am planning to get back and try a-la-carte.

Food 7/10
Ambiance 9/10
Price 8/10

Burgandy is the all day dining (almost), at Somerset greenways, at MRC nagar.