Vasco's, Hilton

After Marriott, this time it was Hilton which invited me to check out their restaurants, and incidentally, I had just written about my night at the Q Bar on the roof. Why would anyone decline an invite from Hilton to eat out, even if you have just been there, so I took the offer to test their 'journey' as they call it at their all day dining, Vasco's.

It is a nice and very well set up restaurant and a near perfect all day dining buffet as far as the set up goes. The executive sous chef, Neeraj, walked me around all their counters and I was impressed at the spread of the buffet at the look of it. They have a Madras table with loads of different Grandma time spices, where they show off the Indian spices to their western clients, kudos to that concept. We decided to skip the soup and went head on to the starters, and realized there were only two each of non veg and veg, but both, of them were outstanding- one was a superb grilled fish and the other a chicken kebab. Next we decided to check out their sushi, and I only eat ones made of salmon, so I got myself a salmon sushi and though veg sushi is a gimmick, I decided to eat one of that too. The sushi was brilliant, so as an extension, I had a smoked salmon sashimi too and enjoyed that. The wasabi (if you have no idea about what that small green stuff on your sushi plate is, then don't eat it) was perfect. It super duper pungent as it should be and in a couple of minutes after clearing out your sinus (and in larger quantity your brain too), it fades off as if nothing happened.

But the main course on that day was a disappointment. Apparently the main courses change everyday, so we were unlucky that night. Everything on the main course was so so and even the live pasta counter was made for the Italians. However you can ask your chef to whip up something for you at no extra cost (yes, even if you were not invited), and he gladly came up with a stif fry chicken with cashews and a Thai red curry that was straight from Thailand, it was just great. If you are around, ask for it and you will not be disappointed. The salad bar lets you play chef and you can make your own salads or ask for what you want and the chef will toss it up for you.

Desserts were just like it is in any such buffet, a huge spread of decent cakes and ice cream but with the addition of a live ice cream counter and a crepe counter. The chef whipped up a brilliant mix of ice creams and nuts for me which I totally enjoyed, but otherwise it was the usual fare for dessert.

The night reinforced my view of Hilton as a business class hotel, a place you head to when the occasion is more important than the food. At 1300 plus tax which will set you back by around 1.5k, it is a great place to take your business friends and impress them with the multiple live counters et all or throw a party.......I would probably not go here for a one off dinner as there are better places to spend 3k for a dinner night. If Hilton is your choice, then the coffee shop at the lobby level called Est, is where you will be glad to spend time over coffee and they have some nice omelets and sandwiches and the likes.

Food 8/10
Ambiance 9/10
Price 7/10

Hilton is near Kathipara junction.

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