Supper Club at Ashvita - Chapter 1

I was excited to hear about a supper club in Chennai.....Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and other places worth their salt have one and Chennai did not have one thus far, so it was pretty exciting. It has been conceptualized well with a theme and a guest cook for the night and the food being very high quality and authentic as defined by the cook and not meant to please the crowd, so the invites are restricted to thirty every week. There is no fixed price as the theme and the ingredients will decide that but it will be priced upmarket usually in the four figure per person range.

So here we were, being invited for the first chapter of the supper club. The ambiance at the new Ashvita is very good, supper club night or not, so it's a great place to chill out and network as it is a very important part of the club. We had live music by two guitarists and they were not disco style, but sober to set the tone for the night.

We were first served blue cheese soup, which was slightly salty and the salt was not from the cheese, but I totally enjoyed it. The starters arrived and the first one, the cherry tomato was yum. There was a bacon version of which I did not eat, but it was reported to be yum too. The lamb balls were just as yum. The next set were not as impressive, like the shrimp on cucumber and others were quite average. The cheese cake was very different, not great, not bad, but very different so it was nice to taste a different version, it was too soft for me and I was wondering if it would melt before it went in. However the last one, the salmon, was very impressive and that concluded the starters. Portions are bite sized, but there is no limit to how many you can ask for.

The main course had multiple options, the eggplant bake, the sherry prawns, the pesto pasta, the grilled chicken and the pork chops. The pasta was so very bland and very dry that I could have sworn that we were in Italy. The egg plant was also not very impressive, the sherry pasta was alright and the chicken was not great. But those who had the pork chops could not stop raving about it,so that was the only bright spot on the main course. But the buns with herbed butter that were served with the main courses were probably made in heaven, they were soft, tasty, right amount of butter and just perfect.

The two desserts were outstanding, the first one which was a pecan bake and it just blew my mind, totally blew it. The banana dessert, the name of which I forgot was very good and was a good end to the meal.

Overall it is a great concept and if you want to be assured of a particular taste every time, then this is not the place for you. This is a place for foodies,who are willing to try out different stuff, you meet like minded people, you network and you sit back and enjoy some music and taste what the cook has in store for you knowing fully well that everything will be unique but not necessarily to your taste.

I am not going to rate the food or service as there is not much of a service and the food will be different every time, but for the experience I would give it 8/10 and I am glad we have a supper club in town and Chennai could do with a few more. I was told that the next chapter is vegetarian ...........

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