Q Bar, Hilton

A special occasion arrived and the choice was Hilton, as we have never been there before and you expect to hit Hilton only on such occasions, so.... After getting there, we scouted around for the best place to eat and in an extremely wonderful gesture, the FB manager took us to all their restaurants, and we finally zeroed in on Q Bar, the roof top, pool side cabana restaurant. The ambiance is brilliant, with individual cabanas, the poolside and a resident DJ playing some nice music.

The menu is very limited, maybe a maximum of twenty dishes on it and most of them being grilled. We settled for a mocktail, a chicken schwarma and a grilled seer fish. The mocktail was decent, just the usual mix of blue curaco and a soft drink. The chicken schwarma was decent, but certainly not out of theworld, but quite filling. The price of Rs. 750 justifies the ambiance and the relatively big schwarma, but not the taste. The seer fish grill was good in parts and some portions tasted bad, but a majority tasted nice and was priced at Rs. 650. A very different parota was served with the fish and it tasted very nice. The hummus served with the schwarma and the chutney with the fish were passable.

Very few options for dessert, so we went down to the 24 hour coffee shop and had a super nice mango cake. Service was attentive but as you are in your own cabana getting their attention can be a little tricky. As the name suggests, It's a great place to have drink and some sides, but not as a complete dinner. You pay for the ambiance and the focus is on the drinks I guess, so it's great place to have a party or even a quite night with that someone special over wine, or take your business friends, where the focus is on the evening and not on the food.

Food 7/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 9.5/10
Price 8/10

Q bar is at the Hilton, Chennai on 100 feet road, near kathipara.

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