Fusion 9

The Chennai Food Guide met up again and this time it was at Fusion 9 inside the Quality Inn premises. I really like this restaurant and I was glad the group met here as I could try more from the menu when the group is large. The starters super, the first one we had was some Iranian joojoobe kebab, I have no idea how it is spelt, and if it is really from Iran, but who cares? It was a simply superb kebab. I made sure I ordered a guloti kebab, which is my all time favorite and is best at the Great kebab factory, but here it is pretty decent, I just don't understand why it is not served in the traditional large roti but served in small cut parathas here. But it is very nice here and I could not care less and ordered some roti to roll it in. The sushi was very nice, but since I had some fantastic sushi at the Hilton the previous evening, I could not help but compare and Hilton was better.

For the main course, I got to taste their jumbo prawns, priced at Rs. 600, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The prawns were marinated well, were of decent size and the portion was large with some rice and gravy with it too. The Arabian platter is a monstrous dish, which has some lamb chops, chicken tikka and quite a lot more. Our version of Man vs food ordered a beef steak medium done and it was pretty decent. Another friend ordered a potato main course, the name of which I forgot and if I ever turn vegetarian, I would eat that everyday.

The desserts were a disappointment for most part. The caramel custard was ok, the tiramisu was pretty bad and the muffins were very ordinary. The only saviour was the age old brownie with ice cream which was actually very good.

Usually when we meet for a CFG event, the owner or a senior management person is with us and we learn something and they give us some insights, but no one was here, so it was a little different this time around. But on the whole, it was a nice lunch.

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