Ramzan Special - Sea Shells

So, once again I was out for Iftar and saw an ad for a special Iftar kit at seashells and I called them to confirm the same. I was told that the offer is available only at T.nagar and Anna nagar, so I landed at the pondy baazar branch just in time for Iftar. We were then told that the offer is only available between 4:30 and 6:30, which left me stumped. I explained to the waiter that we break fast only at half past six so why will they have a Iftar kit available only till 6? He said they were sold out and that we had to place an order before coming. I asked for a schwarma and was disappointed when he came back and said that they have two cancellations and I could have one.

I was served with some nice fresh watermelon juice and a plate of fresh fruits. The Haleem came in next and it was decent, not great. It better than Triana, but not as good as fishermans fare, so that kind of sums it up. I was then served some kind of a sweet dish which was pathetic and I left it alone after one bite. Next came a piece of BBQ chicken with hummus and it was super juicy and super tasty especially with the hummus. Then came the chicken schwarma, which was pathetic, which was very disappointing, as sea shells usually serves some great schwarma. Finally some mutton biriyani which I left after one spoonful, but my friend said it was alright, but you know my standards for biriyani are quite high, but even otherwise this one was cold and very average.

The ambiance is decent with a small outdoor seating area, and service was quick. The iftar kit is priced at Rs, 250, which is not bad, and would have been great if the schwarma was good, but, oh well.......

Food 7/10
Price 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10

Sea shells pondy bazar is located next to the old Nagesh theater, on a small lane.

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