Kebab festival at the Marriott

I am just getting home from a fantastic dinner at Marriott and fasting has never been this good. When I got a call from Marriott asking me to check out their new kebab festival, I was super kicked about it, as the last visit to Marriott was brilliant, the previous review I did of their dimsum festival was super fun and super food and Marriott is slowly becoming my favorite fancy hotel to dine at.

After checking out their menu, I was sad to se that my favorite guloti kebab was not on the menu. I asked for Chef Amit, the brains behind this festival and very honestly he admitted that he wanted to serve only what he was very proficient at. The menu does not have it, but take my advice and ask for a platter which they are very happy to serve, this way you get to taste one piece (or two if you only want a kebab dinner) of all 15 of their kebabs.

The non veg kebabs were the brilliant ones, the chicken supreme kebab being a great first kebab to have. As the chef explained, the kebab had a sprinkling of the spices on top of it, apart from the marination, so it was unique and full flavor. Next we dived into the brandy prawns which were just brilliant to me, mildly spiced unlike the chicken but equally tasty. We then moved to the fish kebab, and me not being a great fish fan, did not enjoy it as much, but the stuffed chicken kebab was another kicker. I have had stuffed chicken before,but have never heard of a stuffed chicken kebab and the cheese stuffing in an already flavorful kebab was mouth watering even after it reached the stomach. And then came the mother of all kebabs, the mutton kebab, it melted in the mouth like butter as it was that soft, that juicy and you wish it stayed longer in the mouth, but the lamb just disappeared, I would not be surprised if you did not believe it to be mutton. The chicken sheek was a little hard for my liking and I would not bother writing about it or ordering it.

Comparatively the veg kebabs were a little disappointing, but two of them stood out on par with the non veg kebabs, the Golconda kebab and the broccoli kebab. The Golconda was a green mix stuffed with cheese and pomegranate and fried with channa mix I was told and a fantastic kebab it was, while the broccoli kebab was a healthy kebab and both did not make me miss non veg. The kebabs are served with the usual mint chutney and another special chutney created by chef Amit, which is a hot and sweet chutney and goes well with most kebabs.

Being an all day dining, it was perfect for Iftar, but you could either order the kebabs as starters or have a full platter as a full meal like I did, in my opinion, they should have the platter option on the menu as people might not think of asking the chef for it and the non veg platter is just too good to miss. Service is great in Marriott like always and the ambiance is that of a coffee shop,so nothing much to talk about on that front. Prices are five star,each portion of kebab being priced at around Rs.450 for six pieces, but I would go with the platter.

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Price 8/10

The kebab festival is on till the first week of September at Paprika, the all day dining at the Courtyard Marriott.

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