So having run out of Iftar options, we headed to amethyst to break our fast after hearing that the food there is good. Amethyst has been among my favorite places to chill out and coffee and without doubt has the best ambiance for a cafe in Chennai.

We settled down and got ourselves a grilled fish and a fillet of beef burger. The fish arrived first and looked delicious, and was served with some super tasty beans and baby potatoes. The fish itself was bone the extent of being inedible. We asked for some mayo to make it a little, well, juicy and ate it, but it was a well done as well flavored fish, but just too dry. The burger arrived open faced and I was a little shocked to see its size and a little disappointed to see that it was minced meat and not fillet, but the burger was........yep, bone dry too. The wedges served with the burger was super tasty, but I had to smother ketchup on the burger to eat it. Being disappointed with the food, we ordered a chocolate mousse and a caramel custard for dessert and both were outstanding. The mousse was just about perfect while the custard had a hint of cinnamon and tasted super.

Ambiance like I mentioned is out of the world, service was decent and price was upmarket, with the fish and burger each costing around Rs. 350 each and the desserts at Rs. 175 each.

I would stick to finger foods and desserts and coffee the next time I visit amethyst.

Food 5/10, 8/10 for dessert
Ambiance 9/10
Service 8/10
Price 7/10

Amethyst has moved to whites road, bang opp Satyam theatre complex entrance.

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