On a busy Thursday afternoon a foodie friend of mine and me headed out to Zaica, a Mughal restaurant as I had given my word to test it out for them. I was dead hungry and was really looking forward to some good food and my fellow foodie was already there and when I landed there,we dived straight into the buffet.

Though the place looks tiny from the outside, I was surprised at the amount of space that was inside. The ambiance is quite good and the tables are well spread out with some tables being tucked away in singles, so you get a lot of privacy. Well done on that front.

Starters are served on the table as is now the fashion ever since BBQ nation made it a rage. We had the chicken kebab, the sheek and a fish tikka for starters and were generally quite happy with the quality. The chicken was nice and tender and tasty, the fish was very well done and tasted equally great, and the sheek kebab was quite good too. After a couple of rounds of starters, we headed for the buffet, which turned out to be average. The two non veg gravys were pretty average, but the naan and dhal served on the table were deadly, just brilliant. The biriyani was typical of a hotel biriyani and had rosewater and no chum in it, though, I normally don't expect dhum, but being a Mughal restaurant, I had high hopes and was disappointed. The other main courses were also ordinary.

For desserts, we had the kheer which was tasty and the jamun which was decent. For the price at Rs. 350, the buffet was sufficiently decent spread, the next time I go here, I would gorge on the starters and have the naan and dhal and finish off with dessert, which were all very good and go easy on the main course.

Food 8/10
Ambiance 9/10
Price 8/10

Zaica is on RK Salai right next to Zara's.

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