Cream and fudge

I saw an ad in the newspaper about the new ice cream outlet in town and was pretty excited especially when I was told that it was some kind of an international chain. So that night a few of us went to KNK road only to find that everyone had seen the ad and the place was nothing short of a stampede. After placing orders for the ice creams and being told that they have run out of cones and that we had to adjust with cups, we ran to a table that just got free and waited.....and waited.....and waited, and when we were beginning to worry if they ran out of ice creams, our order was called out.

After tasting the first two, I was taken aback, for the name could not be more apt, everything there was just cream and fudge and nothing more. We ordered five different ice creams/sundaes and all of them tasted the same, a vanilla base with added flavor. The chocolate fudge was pretty good, while the apple crumble was decent, but everything else tasted the same to me and beyond the first few bites, I had to force myself to eat. All five of us tried to eat amd finish each other's dish with little success.

We went back a week later to see if the previous experience was due to the large crowd. We had the apple crumble and a few sundaes, and the results were the same. So, if you like the vanilla based icecream such as milky way and creamy inn types, you will have a ball of a time here. If you wish your ice cream had original flavor, then stay away.

And till today I don't know what that cold stone does to the ice-cream, so I would be glad to have an insight.

Food 7/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 8/10
Service 7/10

Cream and fudge is on khader nawaz khan road, opp barista and next to cafe day lounge.

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