Tuscana - Chamier's Road

Undoubtedly my favorite Italian outlet in town, Tuscana has opened its newest at Chamiers Road, opp The Park Sheraton. So when Vipin, the owner, called me to take a look at it and sample some their food, I jumped at the chance. I am pretty regular to Tuscana at Wallace Garden and when he said that this setting was different, I was really curious. In complete contrast to its outlet in Wallace Garden, with its informal setting (and rather tables too close for comfort), which the owner calls a Pizzeria, its Chamiers road outlet is entirely a restaurant. With outstanding exterior, chic interior, with quite a few private dining rooms ranging from two seater to ten seater, the place is outstanding.

The food is the same. Same outstanding quality, same quantity, but 13% higher in price. I have always felt that when you walk into an outlet of your favorite place, you should expect everything to be the same, but let's see how Tuscana fares with its brand with completely different setting and prices, albeit great food.

We started off with American pizza and Chicken Focaccia for starters - yes, in Italy, pizza and pasta are really starters, and that's how we were served here! I have always loved their pizza and today was no different, but I somehow prefer their garlic bread to the focaccia. Their garlic bread is OUTSTANDING - period.  The vegetarians had a broccoli pizza which was pretty decent. We had some minestrone soup which was alright. For the main course, since we were quite a group, we got to taste quite a few dishes - Lamb shanks, char grilled sword fish, grilled chicken breast, veal scaloppine and cream cheese pie and baked polenta for the vegetarians. The veal (baby cow) was superb in flavor and superbly done. Very few places cook beef to perfection and today was one example. The chicken breast was alright, the lamb shanks were brilliant, I did not eat the sword fish while the vegetarian dishes were pretty decent (the vegetarians loved it, so .....). After quite some amount of food, we ended it with Tiramisu (easily the best tiramisu in town, maybe next only to Mikeal Besse of Ecstasy) and a blueberry pannacotta - another favorite of mine.

All in all a great meal, and the best part of having a heavy lunch in Tuscana is that you can get back to work without feeling bloated or sleepy - that to me is a sign of good quality food! Vipin was with us, so I cannot comment on the service, price like I mentioned is about 13% higher and the ambiance is excellent! I will continue to eat at the Wallace garden outlet as it is closer to me, but for those who think driving to Nungambakkam from Adyar or that part of town is more difficult than opening a restaurant, you now have a Tuscana near you! I was told that this place will have two pages of the menu from Kryptos, I hope they choose the right stuff from the Kryptos menu. Kryptos is a place where you will have to order right to enjoy the food or you might never go back!!!!

Disclosure: I was invited by the owner to see the place. I am also very regular to Tuscana at Wallace Garden as I love the food there.