Donut House

After Atomic Donuts, a little kiosk in City Center, Chennai can now boast of its own donut center in the name of Donut House! Being invited for its opening, (as per Indian Stretchable Time), I was rather excited to sample some of their stuff and I was surprised to see a 'Live Kitchen' for a donut stall - impressive.

After the formalities and ribbon cutting, we actually got to taste a few of their donuts and the first impression was good. Between the two of us, we had about five donuts, the first of which still lingers in my mouth - The Oreo Donut, a superb mix. The strawberry donut was tasty, but apart from being pink, it had nothing else to do with strawberry, it tasted of white chocolate. But the strawberry excess, which had stuffing inside the donut was super and was really a strawberry donut! The rainbow was a nice white chocolate donut, while the chocolate donut was well.........chocolate donut!

The donuts themselves were nice for the most part. Four of them were well made and were of the perfect consistency, while one was a little doughy, but otherwise the donuts were nice n soft. If they can maintain the standards, they should probably do well. Ambiance was very very nice and obviously I cannot comment on the service. They also have coffee and tea to complete an evening out, so ........

Let's see how the donut market responds!!!!

Donut House is located in Wellington Plaza, right opposite Ethiraj College, next to Raja Muthiah Hall.