Tucked away in a quiet street off RK Salai, Dewberry's is a nicely set up niche place belonging to a new breed of home owner turning their houses to restaurants! My first visit here, about six months back was very mixed as far as the food was concerned, but when a nice lunch combo was advertised, I took the opportunity when I had to meet a friend for lunch.

The deal is simple - a drink, starter, main course and dessert for Rs 225 (Rs 200 for veg) and you have about four options to choose from for each of the above, so it really gives you options if you are a group of four as you can all have different foods to taste. I opted for the lime mint cooler, a rather funnily named starter, a chicken pasta and a pancake for dessert. My friend did not want a full meal and so he just got himself a bbq chicken burger. The drink was a kicker - a very well made lime mint cooler. The starter was very different to say the least, I cannot dismiss it as bad, as it was very different. It had a tinge of banana flavor, inside some flour thingy that seemed to be fried and with something like tomato soup poured all over it. I could not stop eating it and ended up eating all the four pieces (while my friend was still coming - Indian Stretchable time)! He arrived when the main course arrived and felt like eating pasta, so I took the burger, which was not bad, but yeah, I am still searching for a great burger in Chennai - any suggestions anybody? The chicken pasta was very good, and had a very decent portion, not some stingy little plate as part of a combo, but an almost full portion of pasta. The chocolate pancake with ice cream was again pretty good, with the pancake being well done.

Service was good, but we were the only people there, so it cannot be judged, the price is exclusive of tax, so add about 10% to the Rs 225.  The ambiance is very classy and very well done, and they have (no surprise there) a fashion outlet inside. Yes, I would not mind going back here and the lunch combo is certainly well worth the price. In fact, you can order one combo and one main course and you might be done.

Food 7/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Price 8/10

Dewberry's is located off RK Salai, when going to Citi Center from Gemini Flyover, take the left just before HDFC bank. You will see their board on the main road!