Good Morning Cafe

Yet another cafe on KNK road and I am not going to banter about the other places here, it looked interesting and with a nice name, it was enough to lure us in on a lazy evening when the wife and me were just looking to have a quick bite!  Its a tiny place on the base floor, but had tiny set of stairs leading to the first level which is slightly bigger (because there is no food counter there). There was only one guy manning the cafe and he was quite polite and welcoming.

We saw the menu and were quite disappointed that the sandwiches and pasta were not yet available, the guy said that they have been open for "ONLY THREE WEEKS"!!!!! We ordered a chicken burger (yeah, what else) in my quest for a good burger in Chennai, and the wife ordered potato smilies! The burger was pretty useless - there was just loads of mayo and an average patty inside, with not a single slice of tomato or lettuce or anything else! The potato smilies were nice. We ordered a couple of drinks - a strawberry slush and a raspberry slush, both of which were decent - the strawberry slush was Hershey's syrup poured onto ice and crushed, so nothing special! All the above cost us Rs 390, which is ok!

Interiors were bright red and nice and I cannot judge the service with only one guy for the whole place and with only two tables with people. Though we did not have a chance to try sandwiches, going by what we ate, this will probably be another ordinary 'Me too' kind of cafe. Maybe a place to get a quick bite when in a hurry or after your work out at O2 health studio, but as of now does not look like a place to spend time in and I will be happy to be wrong on this!!!!!

Food  5/10
Service - Not judged
Ambiance 7/10
Price 7/10

Good Morning Cafe is on KNK road, on the same building that hosts O2 health studio - Shyam Gardens!