Fusion 9

The first time I went to Fusion 9, I really liked it! Most others in my group did not think it was great! When the restaurant contacted us for a review, I wanted to see what blinded me the first time and I came back with more questions than answers! Of the four, two of them were making their first visit to F9 and so the combination for a review was ideal!

The first set of iced tea was super! Perfectly brewed with the right mix of lemon, sweet and tea. It was so good that we asked for another but I think the chief of the bar left for the day or something else went totally wrong! What else can explain the same drink being so horrible? We returned it and asked for lemonade and it was worse!!!!! They need to find a second in hand for the drinks!

But the food was brilliant to say the least. We started off with a Mezze Platter and for all practical purposes, the main ingredient is the Falafel, but my friend could not but help say that it was a high class masala vada. There is some truth to it, but hey, its called a Falafel is some parts of the world. It was served with some well made hummus and pita bread which was baked to perfection for me! For the main course, we had one Thai Red Curry, which is served with white rice, a BBQ chicken Pizza, a Basa Fish Steak and Pasta. The chef got most of them right, with some brilliant flavors for the Red Curry, a fantastic Pizza - thin crust, made perfectly with the right amount of stuff on top and a super Basa Fish, probably the best dish of the day! The pasta was a big let down, it was overcooked and pretty bad, especially in comparison to the other dishes. The mezze platter was priced around Rs 475, the pizza was priced similarly, the Fish steak was Rs 300 or so, so you get an idea of the prices! I think the restaurant must be praised for being able to get the right flavors in different cuisines - in my experience Multi Cuisine or World Cuisine means every cuisine is average, but here the Thai flavors were distinct from the Italian and Arabian!

If we thought the main course was great, the desserts here shocked us even more. The German Chocolate cake that we had was stunning! The tiramisu was very nice and was on par with some good Tiramisu around the world, if not the best, and the other cake we had (I forgot the name) served with Ice cream was super, though (as I realized later) it has alcohol in it, so if you are wary of alcohol you should know this before hand. Being a resto bar with drinks, I guess they presume that you need not be warned about alcohol, but I still think that they should.

Service was pathetic that day, though it was much better on my first visit. The ambiance is very very nice, with a great combination of soft comfy sofas and chairs and ideal space between tables, so you don't have to hear a stranger's problems with her husband!

I would love to go back! And all four of us thought that F9 was good, so..........

Food 8/10
Service 5/10
Price 7/10
Ambiance 8/10

F9 is located in Quality Inn Aruna, below Mainland China on Sterling Road

Note: This was an invited review!