Mash Grill

When a friend of mine from the Chennai Food Guide called me for first taste review of this upcoming restaurant, I casually asked him if the restaurant was in the Wallace Garden vicinity and 'Yes' came the answer!The hub around KNK Road in Nungambakkam can stake claim to be the Food Capital of Chennai!! What else can explain restaurants queuing up to set shop in this place (with reports that space owners don't want a rent but a share in revenue!!!)?

So I parked my car on the road and walked up to the restaurant and was taken aback by the look - Great first impression for a restaurant that is not yet open! The exteriors were nice and chic and screams 'expensive'. The owner took us around the place, and I could not help but notice that the interiors were not as good as the exterior, but were decent and upmarket. Being a house that is being turned around into a food joint, you have a lot of small pockets of space and not one big chunk. The ground floor had about three such rooms if I am right each with about four tables or so. The first floor was similar, but it also had one conference room type of space which will soon be available for house parties that can host up to 20 people. You have more people on your facebook friends list? 'No problem' says Sunil, one of the partners, 'We have the terrace and also the outdoor seating that you can book for your party' he says! Impressive, but I do not know if the concept will catch on, lets wait for the market to answer that!

Now to the food - we were served Lemon Prawns Grill for starters and it was easily the best dish of the night! Succulent, well marinated prawns that were oozing with flavor and I must have had at least 8 of them! It was followed by small portions of their best dishes, the first being a cat fish steak. I am not a big fan of fish, but my friend suggested that I try and I was glad that I tried as it was superb. The next dish served was a beef steak, which to me was not great. The beef was not the best cut in town and the flavor did not seep in, so marination was a problem. The same problem was with the next dish too, the lamb kebab and both these need some mentoring!!!

Ambiance is very nice, prices are yet to be up and the service can be judged only when its open to the public. If they tweak the beef and mutton, Mash Grill can be up on the already crowded food space in this area!! Waiting eagerly for their opening - atleast for the prawn and cat fish steaks! Slurp!