F9, a resto bar at Quality Inn Aruna opened its doors to the Chennai crowd after (apparently) wowing its clients in Hyderabad. I have been wanting to try this place as the concept looked interesting with their ads showing a world map on the table with diners all around and the place screams 'Global Cuisine'

4 of us gathered here on a Sat evening with two more joining us for dessert and we settled in to a nice place close to the open kitchen. The ambiance is nice and elegant and the open kitchen certainly adds to the decor, which seemed simple but well done. We started off with Goluti Kebab, which had about 8 succulent kebabs, done to perfection but served with 4 tiny pieces of paratha, hardly enough for 2 pieces of the kebab. Goluti tastes best with the roti, but they seem to think otherwise - but the kebab itself was brilliant and made up for the lack of roti and since there were eight pieces, we din't ask for roti!

For the main course, the waiter suggested an Arab Meat Platter, priced at about Rs 600 and said that it was good for two and so we went with that, a BBQ Chicken thin crust pizza and a Chicken Pasta. The Platter was superb, with two pieces each of fish tikka, chicken tikka, lamb chops, sheek kebab and one more chicken dish which I don't know the name, served with one large romali roti, french fries and chutney. I thoroughly enjoyed the dishes as it had variety and taste to it. The Chicken pizza was pretty impressive too and tasted great, while the pasta was not bad. As an after thought, we ordered a Thai Chicken curry for a friend who joined us late and the dish took 45 minutes to come and was average. They apologized for the delay and no offence was taken, but that is quite sometime to serve the dish, considering the others came quite quickly

Two friends joined us for dessert and so we ordered a huge walnut cake sundae, a cheese cake and a German chocolate cake and then ordered one more of the walnut fudge sundae, somehow the second one was quite average, but the first one was brilliant. It is a tall glass stuffed with walnut fudge, chocolate sauce, macroons and ice cream and is quite a dish. The cheese was awesome, but the German Chocolate cake was average.

The total bill for the above was Rs 3092. Service was reasonable. None of us had alcohol that night, but the 'drinkers' in the group suggested that alcohol was priced lower than they expected. Service was quite attentive, except for the one delayed dish.  Food is on the expensive side, and while I am not convinced about this 'Global Cuisine', food is certainly very good here and I would love to go back!

Food 9/10
Service 7/10
Price 7/10
Ambiance 8/10

F9 is located on Sterling Road in the Quality Inn Aruna Premesis.

Update: A friend went here yesterday and complained that the fish he ordered was pathetic and not fresh at all.