The last time (before this visit) to Dynasty was in 2002 in the Old Harrison's hotel, and was not really impressed! But mom wanted to have Chinese and so we decided to try out Dynasty at Harrison's and so off we went for a Sunday dinner!! I called in and made reservations and was promptly seated when we walked in!

The interiors were decent and chic and the menu, pretty extensive. We asked our usual fare in any Indo Chinese resto - Chilly Beef, Phuket Fish and this time we added 'Dynasty special Prawns' along with our Wanton soup and fried rice with noodles!

The food was good, pleasant, comfort Indo Chinese. The prawns that we had were very well made and tasted great, the chilly beef was not bad, but not great either, but the Phuket fish was made to perfection. The soups were typical Indo chinese and very predictable and therefore nice with no surprizes! We ordered their date pancake with ice creams and the pancakes were also cooked to perfection.

The service was alright, but the boy who served water was probably new and was shivering and spilling water all over, for most other part, the service was attentive and acceptable. The above cost us about Rs 1450, which was about 400 per head for decent quantity and quality of food!

I would certainly not mind going back for some comfort Indo Chinese food!!!

Food 7/10
Service 7/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 7/10

Dynasty is housed at Harrisons Hotel in Nungambakkam. Another branch is on GN Chetty road, just before you get onto the Anna Flyover, on your right (when you take the flyover)