50 bucks

I was pretty harsh on my first review of 50 bucks and I was not very happy when my friend insisted that I eat there, but I went along anyway to see if anything had improved! I must say that things have improved by leaps and bounds. The full menu is now available and the food is certainly worth what you pay for in that atmosphere!

We had three dishes - an omelette with fried rice from the Chinese part of the menu, which was quite filling and the rice tasted decent and the whole combo was Rs 50, a risotto from the Italian part of the menu which was again not the perfect risotto, but a pretty decent one for 50 bucks and Chimichanga from the Mexican part of the menu, which was pretty bad! The final bill was Rs 150 flat - no hidden charges or taxes and the meal was pretty filling for two people - infact the next time I will stick to ordering just two items from the menu for two people and will probably have a drink.

Service was pretty quick and polite and the waiter knew the dishes well. So, yeah, I will probably go back here a few times to try the other dishes on the menu, esp when the pocket is on the empty side!

Food 7/10
Price 9.5/10
Ambiance 6/10
Service 7/10

50 bucks is located above Dominos on RK Salai!