Texas Fiesta

As you get to the new Coffee Day in Egmore (opp Apollo Children's hospital, further down the road from Movenpick Ice creams), you cannot help notice a bull horn sign leading to the first floor above the Coffee Day! A bull's horn rarely depicts anything other than Mexican or Texmex and this one is no different. The first floor leads to a small place with simple interiors and pictures of ranches and cowboys in an attempt to give you some 'Mexican touch', but the striped tables (although very pretty) give away the fact that the place is not as serious about Mexican food! Food is good, though it is at best 'Inspired by Mexican or Texmex'. It was too hot to be called Tex Mex and certainly quite far away from authentic Mexican. As the food arrives, you cannot help but think that the owners have considered Chennaites to have absolutely no knowledge of food. Consider this - you ask for salsa and you are given a small bowl of chopped onions. The 'Ranch' dip t

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