Soup n Salad Cafe

While spending a night at a friend's, we decided to have a pretty late night snack and landed here at about 1050 PM, but the staff were accommodating enough to let us in, even though they close at 11!!!! The interiors were nice and elegant, and the display has some mouth watering (atleast by sight) dishes!

We settled down and ordered ourselves a cream of bell pepper soup, a salad called 'Famous Haiti' or something like that, a chaat and a croquette zondich. Oh my God, the last time I enjoyed veg food so much was quite a few years back at Eden! The croquette zondich (I think I got the spelling right), was croquettes stuffed in pita bread and loaded with stuffings and cheese and tasted simply superb!!! That 'famous' salad was again, just out of the world, it was a salad with beans and the likes, with broken potato chips and a good amount of dressing! The chaat was just alright, nothing special and the soup was pretty decent, I have never had 'cream of bell pepper, and I love bell pepper, so I really enjoyed it though!!!!

If the soup and salads were super, the desserts were unbelievable! We had a blue berry cheese cake, which to me was of an outstanding standard, and the mud pie - Oh!!!!!!! It was powdered cookie base with three scoops of ice cream and of such good quality that for a minute I did think I was abroad - rarely in small cafes here, do you get such quality!!!!!! All this cost us Rs 617, so yeah, prices are great too!

I am definitely going back here to try other stuff, and I am told that their breads which are on display for sale are pretty good too, so I have lots more to try out here!

Food 9/10
Ambiance 8/10
Service 8/10
Price 9/10

The one I visited is in Adyar, but there is one in Alwarpet, just before Kabul and a new one in Anna Nagar, I am told. The ones in Alwarpet and Anna Nagar also serve non veg, so yeah, I am heading to one of them to get a taste of their non veg!!!!