Kryptos by Willi

After its grand opening, which I thoroughly enjoyed, my second visit to Kryptos was a rather forgetful one, and so I did not even bother writing about it! I had made my thought clear to the manager and he was more than happy to listen to complaints without ever once being defensive - so Kudos to their managerial and service team .So  when friends suggested that we meet there again for a community lunch on a fine Saturday afternoon, I had no qualms and went ahead and found change in almost every aspect!

The previous time I went, the starters had too much puff pastry and too little meat and when its priced at about Rs 500, you feel let down. So when this time, the Arnipitakia - puff pastry with stuffed lamb was brought, I was skeptical, but what a change - you could just not complain. The lamb inside was perfectly cooked and the puff pastry was just right! Kotopoulopitakia-Stuffed chicken and phyllo pastry rolls with apricot and feta cheese was equally brilliant. The cold mezze platter was not up to the mark, though a couple of them were decent, but the two starters more than made up for it!

Since we were about eight of us, I got to try various dishes for the main course and some of them were quite outstanding - the Kotopittai which is diced chicken wrapped in béchamel and baked in layered phyllo pastry served with salad and baked potato - simply superb. The chicken souvlaki is their trademark dish, I guess and it was pretty decent, while the Lahano Dolmathes which is Tenderloin filled braised cabbage leaves in lemon and butter egg sauce with bean Casserole was quite brilliant.

However, the Gyros were still not upto the mark and in my opinion I feel that though this team has a history of brilliant bread making, they have just not mastered the art of the Pita bread - they are just not able to do justice to the Pita bread, so the gyros and the falafels fall out in taste as they are not packaged right! So I would stay out of these, though these are pretty Greeky!

The desserts here are brilliant - just brililant! They have the best Baklava in town and nothing is more Greek than Baklava, so........ Their mango cheese cake was again awesome, just perfect!

Service is outstanding, attentive and if you make suggestions, they are even willing to borrow a couple of ears and listen to you if they must! And if your suggestions make sense, believe me, you will see a change quite soon as I saw, so full marks for their service. The one drawback to me here was the price of starters- Rs 500 is very high for a few starters by any stretch of imagination so while the prices are high for main course and can be justified, the price of some starters are quite high!

I know now precisely what to order here and so I am sure I will enjoy my meal everytime! Their baked dishes are very good, but I hope the gyros, the pita bread and hummus gets fixed, because I know for a fact that if this gets fixed, this will just juice you up everytime! And do not miss the desserts!

Food 7/10
Service 9.5/10
Ambiance 9/10
Price 6/10

Kryptos by Willi is located on KNK road, opp the old Mocha building, in the basement of the building that hosts Sports Locker