Gatsby Village - Baker's Street

After seeing a number of paper ads, on a lazy sunday morning, we headed out to Gatsby Village for some baked breakfast options! We were surprised to see only one table in the center, lots of expensive stuff to buy and a small table with food at the corner. The smell was heavenly, but our idea of having a nice breakfast was sloshed! Apparently the table we saw was for sale and that the food here is 'take away' only!

Not wanting to be disappointed, we ordered ourselves a croissant, a chocolate twister and a quiche. The food (may be it was a fresh batch since we were there in the morning), was awesome! The chocolate croissant was crisp on the outside and soft inside and with the right amount of butter - fantasitc. The chocolate twister had generous amounts of chocolate and the puff pastry was baked perfectly and was mouth watering, while the quiche was just ok!

Sad that you cannot eat inside, but the way the food is stored, I presume that only the mornings will have you happy, it might get stale as the day passes. It is advertised as a eat out, so maybe the ads are misleading or I misunderstood the ads! I would love to try out other things here as I know Baker's Street is pretty reputed in Pondy, but I am not sure if the outlets have a place to sit in and eat! But hey, the croissant was just awesome!
Prices are on the higher side for the cakes, but not bad for the croissants!

Food 7/10
Service NA
Ambiance NA
Price 7/10

We went to the one on RK Salai, where Barista used to be hosted, but I believe there are a few more outlets in Chennai!