Baan Thai

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, the two of us (the wife, after a bit of shopping) felt like some Thai! With Benjarong being a bit far off, we decided to try Baan Thai, a pretty new kid on the Thai block! We parked our cars and walked into a pretty impressively set interiors, but almost empty restaurant! And when that happens on a Sunday afternoon, you tend to get a little worried!

We settled in and the wife ordered her favorite soup - the Tom Yam and I asked for the Chicken wrapped in Pandora leaves! To be honest, both tasted good! The chicken was very succulent, juicy and well made, while the soup was very much Tom Yam. For the main course, we had Thai fried rice and a Chicken Potato gravy, the name of which I cannot recall, but I can tell you that both were good too! Being only the two of us, we were pretty stuffed with this, but still decided to order the water chestnut dessert, one of my personal favorites in the Thai dessert circle! The water chestnuts served with ice cream was pretty impressive too and was probably the best of the whole meal!

After not hearing too many good reviews and finding the place empty on a Sunday afternoon, the food tasted pretty good. I don't know if our expectations were low or if the food was indeed good, but the above cost us Rs 1240! Now on that front, I would rather have the Thai at one of the better restaurants, but I presume the price is for the location - Wallace gardens!

Service was quick and very attentive and the waiter was able to guide us on our order and even suggested what curry goes with what gravy, so I would rate the service high, but like I said, there were only two customers, so.......

Food 8/10
Service 8/10
Ambiance 8/10
Price 7/10

Baan Thai is located behind Apollo Hospitals, above the KOBE Sizzlers outlet!