Amma Chettinad

Wanting to have a quick lunch, four of us took our car and noticed this Amma Chettinad board a short distance from work and decided to try it out! The place is absolutely no frills, but plays ONLY MGR songs! Nothing much as far as interiors go and we settled ourselves into a corner table for four and asked for what was available, hoping to get some kothu parota!

'Only meals and biriyani anna' is the reply we got! 'I can get you some pepper chicken, but thats all' said the waiter! So we ordered just one biriyani and one pepper chicken and thought we will taste it before we order more, but what we ate blew our minds. Immediately an order for a couple more pepper chickens and biriyani were placed and what was intended to be a quick short lunch, had us stuffed to our throats!!! The waiter then said that they have 'Mutton chukka' and without a blink, we ordered that as well! The chukka was certainly no match for the pepper chicken, but was pretty good, thought its quantity was tiny! The biriyani was the chettinad biriyani, not the Muslim one, and was pretty good with a nice large chunk of chicken inside!

Service is nothing great, the usual low end service and prices were great, the whole meal cost us around Rs 500! I would love to go back and try out their other chettinad stuff, but those things are only available after 730 PM, but I presume they will be great too!!!

Food 8/10
Service 6/10
Ambiance 6/10
Price 8/10

Amma Chettinad, is located in a street off GN Chetty Road (take the left next to Barathiraja Hospital, you can see the board at the start of the road)